How EVP Works

EVP Researchers

One of the most well-known EVP researchers of the 20th century was a Swedish opera singer,painter and film producer namedFriedrich Jurgenson.His interest in electronic voice phenomena was sparked one day in 1959,when he recorded the sounds of birds singing in a forest.When he played the tape back,he heard a female voice say,"Friedrich,you are being watched.Friedel,my little Friedel,can you hear me?" It was the voice of his dead mother.Jurgenson went on to record many other voices over the next four years,and he published two books: "Voices From the Universe" and "Radio Contact with the Dead."

Dr.Konstantin Raudive,a Latvian psychologist,heard of Jurgenson's experiments several years later.At first he was skeptical,but then he tried the technique himself and wound up recording many voices,including that of his deceased mother.

In the 1960s and 1970s,EVP became a legitimate,if controversial,arm of paranormal research.American researchers乔治和珍妮特温顺and psychicWilliam O'Neilrecorded hundreds of hours of EVP with radiooscillators.They claim to have worked closely with another scientist,Dr.George Jeffries Mueller.The only catch was that Mueller was deceased.

Sarah Estep,one of the most outspoken EVP researchers,started theAmerican Association of Electronic Voice Phenomenon(AAEVP) in 1982.She claims to have communicated with thousands of ghosts,以及与外星人。

Researchers around the world continue to investigate EVP.Their findings are documented on dozens of Web sites,as well as in books.

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